Mathew Flisher

Things moved quickly for me when I joined Away Resorts two and a half years ago.

The main complex at Tattershall Lakes was being rebuilt on a grand scale and I was part of the team from day one, which felt great. My first year was spent bringing the new development to life– recruiting staff, setting things up and trying out fresh ideas.

Now things are more settled. The year has a rhythm to it that is based around the busy peak. Before the season starts, my days are spent recruiting, developing exciting activities and services, and getting everything in place for the busy months ahead.

During the summer, I barely take a breath. I am responsible for revenue generation onsite everywhere from the fishing lakes to the restaurants. I love what I do and don’t like to miss a thing, especially not evening celebrations and the Colour Festival: I find myself in 6 days a week and some evenings too!

Somehow, I find time to juggle spreadsheets and, most importantly, train my team – if we get the team right, we get the customer service right, which means we get the revenue right.

We have a strong permanent management team at Tattershall Lakes and we are open 11 months of the year, so many of our ‘seasonal’ staff are almost year-round too. It’s an amazing place to work and we have a fantastic team spirit here.

If you are thinking of applying for a job here, do it! New ideas are encouraged, hard work is rewarded, and it’s fun too.