Communication makes us successful

Not to brag, but our communication is actually award winning! We make sure to keep our Holiday Heroes in the loop about everything that’s important to them.

Communication is at the heart of our success as a business. With our many locations and seasonal, permanent, part-time and full-time Holiday Heroes, clear and open communication is key to making sure we’re all heading in the right direction.

The platform we use is Viva Engage by Microsoft, which is brilliant for keeping in touch and keeping yourself up to date. Here, we celebrate our successes, share ideas, solve problems and make each other smile. It’s private to us, so guests or your friends won’t see anything.

And, just in case you think we’re addicted to social media, you will also have team meetings, one to ones, social events and daily interaction with your colleagues and team leaders. And our directors and executive team are always out and about, meeting the teams and asking for ideas and input from you.

The spirit of open communication is something we treasure and, if you have worked anywhere else before coming to Away Resorts you will notice how different we are immediately.

Keep in touch!

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