Sammii Storey

My life is an absolute whirlwind right now – and I love it!

I have worked at Away Resorts for seven years. I started as a dancer at Whitecliff Bay, on the Isle of Wight, and I have recently crossed the water to Sandy Balls in the New Forest, where I am setting up our entertainment offer.

Is there a typical day for me? Not at the moment. I have a small team, but I like to keep my hand in too, running activities. I start at 10.00am most mornings and, as we are busy developing new entertainment experiences, I make sure they are delivering delight to our guests.

I slip away to the office when I can, to do the paperwork, roster the team, answer messages and all the other important ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.

Evenings start at 5.30pm, with teatime fun for the toddlers. Later, we have entertainment –  Bubbles and Bublé evenings, Curry and Quiz nights, magicians, singers, comedians – something different every night. I liaise with the entertainments company and oversee the evenings.

I don’t work all day, every day – my family time is precious!  But this job is in the blood. If you are not feeling the spark it’s time to quit.

As an employer, Away Resorts is great for letting you try out your ideas. And, as far as career progression goes – look at me: from dancer to Entertainments Manager. It’s hard work, yes, but it’s the most rewarding and beautiful job.

My advice? If you have the spark, go for that job! It will be one of the best experiences of your life.